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Simplify operations, enhance guest experiences, and increase your profits.


Running a restaurant has never been more complex and time consuming.

Restaurant technology, meant to speed up activities and simplify tasks, has instead added stacks of devices and extra steps.

Now operations cost more and you have less time for guests and staff.

It's About TimeTM for simplification.

You're on your own trying to solve:
  • Chip and PIN (EMV) technology
  • Attracting new guests
  • Bringing back repeat guests
  • Order/delivery/pick-up complexity
  • Guest feedback and marketing

It's all essential to your business. And it’s all disconnected. You're single-handedly trying to put all the pieces together.

DinerIQ links your current POS and existing hardware to our mobile applications helping management and staff accomplish every task seamlessly. No more waiting for a check. Using DinerIQ's mobile app, PayMyTab, guests can split, tip and pay right from their smartphones. No more tip adjustments at the end of a shift. Finally, one solution puts what you need at your fingertips!


Socializing today means mixing online interactions with live experiences, and you want your restaurant to be the star of your guests’ social network.

With DinerIQ's mobile app, PayMyTab, guests can invite friends, share experiences, post photos and write reviews. DinerIQ generates a complete guest profile that tells you everything you need to know.

Imagine connecting with your guests in a more meaningful, personalized way. Before they arrive, you can know exactly who they are and what they prefer. Before they leave, their real-time feedback ensures you can resolve issues and accept compliments face-to-face.


DinerIQ is always enhancing its platform by adding practical tools such as mobile ordering and payment (for delivery, take-out or table service), real-time floor management, consolidated feedback, customized reports for pre-shift or weekly meetings, and more. Choose what you need. Everything is seamlessly integrated.

Conveniently access key information from your office computer or on-the-go from any mobile device. Our user-friendly, POS-integrated dashboard not only creates reports, but also helps pinpoint what actions to take in order to target repeat guest visits, improve service and make more money.


DinerIQ takes hospitality to the next level.

Transform the way you run the floor: more covers, faster table turns, more efficient service, satisfied customers, fewer mistakes and less waste.

Identify regular guests and notify your staff when they check in. Create and offer tailored promotions according to each guest’s previous visits and overall preferences.

Leverage real-time notifications to create VIP experiences for every guest.

With DinerIQ, watch your profits increase while your problems disappear.

Join the movement that is Redefining Dining™.
It is easy, secure and risk-free to try DinerIQ. No hardware to install, no merchant accounts to move.
Simple POS integration and server training. And, most importantly, NO transaction fees.

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